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Game Design Theory

By DarthWho, Codeguy, Unseen

       So you want to produce a game of your own? Well then this is a fairly good place for you to start. This tutorial (will) (soon to be currently) covers the game genres of Arcade, Puzzle, Adventure, Action, Platformer, and RPG.


      Now the first step in making your own game is to obviously choose the game style. now if you decide to write an rRPG(role-playing game), the first thing you should do following that is to come up with the story otherwise you are likely going to get trapped in making the engine and you may never progress past that. you will have an engine on your hands that is fun to tinker with but no game.

One of the most important parts of any RPG is the story behind the game, or more exactly, the story in the game. Without a plot, it is just another demo. So what is your plot, who are the characters, what is the goal of the characters, including the one played by you? Is it to rescue the princess, to defeat the mean king, slay a dragon or a combination of many things like this? Where does the player start? The better you can define these things, the easier it will be to write a game around them.

        For other games, there has to be some goal also, whether it is keeping alien baddies from invading a planet, or breaking free of a bunch of obstacles or anything else. You must keep in mind for these things that not all computers are the same, so will you limit the graphics and effects or use a different screen resolution or will you limit it to play on more modern machines? Most modern machines have a tremendous capacity for doing all the real-time rendering and shading that will usually be necessary for most games. There are many factors that affect how a game will be developed, so keep that in mind when designing. One thing to be careful about is over-designing a program. What I mean by over-designing is taking so much time to think about details that the game no longer seems interesting, or building in so many features that it slows to a crawl and becomes almost useless. But also, if you expect your game to appeal to a wide audience, make it visually appealing and throw in just enough effects to keep it interesting.