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The FastMath Library MKII

The FastMath Library (FstMath.h) is a library designed to help you get that last little bit of extra speed from your programs that need speed more than they do accuracy; (such as in a lighting algorithm or the directional control in a game) it contains speed optimizations for the following functions (and mathematical constructs): SQR; 1/SQR; N^X (POW); EXP; X * LOG(X) (X*Ln(X)); LOG(X) (Ln(X)); LOG(X)/LOG(10) (LOG10(X)); LOG(X)/LOG(4 * ATN(1)) (LOGPI(X)); SIN(X); COS(X); TAN(X); COTAN(X) (1/TAN(X)); SEC(X) (1/COS(X); COSEC(X) (1/SIN(X)); ATAN2(Y,X); ATN(X); ACOS(x); and ASIN(x) all of the approximations for these functions have been optimized for speed and thereby sacrifice accuracy; however there is more in the FastMath Library than just function approximations it also adds functions for calculating the Parity of a 32 bit value; converting the bit values from float of double to integer64 and from integer64 to float; counting the trailing zeros in a value; and more!  DOWNLOAD THE FASTMATH LIBRARY


The RAIN Water Physics Engine

Version &H23 runs a 98x98 grid with every point sensing the impact of objects from 1x1 droplets up to anything smaller than 98x98 warning: unless you have thoroughly studied the code and know how it works do not mess with it especially while $CHECKING:OFF is not commented out! Runs in QB64 DOWNLOAD RAIN&H23

RAIN &H23 may not be used in commercial programs without the consent of the Author DarthWho

New NSpace Sub

This is the complete sub and demo code for my highly optimized NSpace algorithm. This code may NOT be used without my permission in for-profit projects. However, for all private use it is considered open source. It may be found here

3D screensaver with built-in screenshot sub

This is a demo version of a 3D program which renders, rotates, shades and collision checks polygons in real-time. Demo Code (link currently broken) you will also need to download Select Screen Go To QB64 Site For This File.

This Code is for personal use only and you MAY NOT use it in ANY other commercial-use program without my consent!


A modification of Antoni Gual's modification of entropy's 36 line ray-caster now much much larger this mod includes a 20000x20000 field (4.3 orders of magnitude greater than the original 10x10 field), moving clouds, teleportation (hit p to place teleporter point then t to teleport back to that place) and it runs at a speed of 25 fps even at that size.