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Mr Why
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I would like to start a post to get youngsters INTERESTED!

Our lifeblood is young people with IDEAS (folk one tenth my age!)

Harvey (the bigger of the 2 in the picture) says "Why should I get interested in qb64 when I can have REAL FUN getting from green slime to Master of UnIverses in SWARM" (which he has done several times over).

If only I had the skill to show him, enthuse him, to IMPROVE Swarm by adding his own ideas!

If ONLY i knew how to show him how to write a Dr Who episode!

Nevertheless I DO think that graphics is the way in

And I can "do" graphics  without even a graphics screen.

Yet with this "non program" even the most beginning user can experience the thrill that the driver of the first supersonic car experiences in every speed trial!

It is NOT qb64 - so WHERE do you want me to put it?

Who WANTS qb64, where to draw a circle you are told it is "simple" - just write CIRCLE

But    CIRCLE(  ,  ),  ,  ,  ,  ,  , and remember what to put in each space between commas and how to handle screens that might be 4:3 or might be 2:1. Enough to put anyone off!

Please give me a heading like "how to get started" and I will feed it.

But not in a tutorial please: the very word seems to deny FUN!

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