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  1. What is the purpose of DKM Productions?

    The purpose of Digital Knife Monkey Productions is to act as a method for it's members to seek and give assistance with their programs. this may not sound original at first but unlike other similar groups we each still maintain our own projects and are obligated to put in the credits or code the names or psudonyms of those who assisted us. This guarantees that the work of members is acknowledged.

  2. Can I upload executables?

    Most generally speaking, executables will NOT be accepted. We would rather SEE the code and be able to judge at a glance if it contains code that could cause potential damage. Only executables submitted by approved members will be accepted as they will have been tested for safety.

    EDIT: If an executable is posted then at least 3 ranking have tested the code and agreed that it is safe and then compiled it, however it will only be after:

    1  Extensive testing

    2. A considerable number of positive reveiws (40+% of members)

    3. It is deemed something that the general populace should have access to even if they are terrified of computers.

    If an EXE is posted then it will be posted with the original source under the same header in the downloads section with the tag NOW A DKM EXECUTABLE

  3. Where Can I Find A Good Lesson On How To Optimize Code?

    We will be adding that category soon




  4. How Do I Contact You Guys?

    there are a number of ways each member has their own boards, you can also send a private message to another member, you can use the instant meaasging system if you are friends with a member, oryou can email the members. Any buiness such as submitting code to us must be done by sending it to [email protected]

  5. What is the Unseen GDK?

    UnseenGDK is a collection of Sub's and Functions for creating 2d Games in QB64. It has commands for creating animated sprites, simple object collisions, user input and much much more.


    The original version comes with UnseenSYS and UnseenGFX, which conatain system and graphics routines. Though purely an idea of what the GDK will be, It is currently being totally re-coded and a new version should be up soon.

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