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Equation Of the Week #2: Time Dilation

Posted by DarthWho on April 17, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Time Dilation is an interesting concequence of traveling at high speeds. Part of the concequences of this is that anything traveling at the speed of light experiences no time whatsoever while anything completely stationary expeiences everything at the rate of one second per second to an outside observer.


where Δt is the time interval measured by an observer who is in motion in respect to the events and who views them as occuring at different places.(s)

ΔT is the "proper time" interval or time as it is measured by an observer who is at rest in respect to the events measured and who veiws the events as occuring in the same place. (s)

v is the relative velocity between two observers (m/s)

c is the speed of light 299792458 m/s

Sorry for the earlier incomplete post power was lost here preventing me from completing the post.

next week: the index of refraction

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