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Equation of the Week #7: The Complex Argument

Posted by DarthWho on May 22, 2011 at 12:00 AM

the complex argument is a function which is comonly used in functions such as complex exponentiation; it is a function which takes a Complex number and returns a real number to put it into easy to understand terms:

ARG(X + i * Y) = ARCTAN(Y / X)

Or to put it in terms of qb64 code:

ARG(X + i * Y) = ATN(Y / X)


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Reply john
2:29 AM on September 29, 2011 
tan is sin/cos so is [exp(ix)+exp(-ix)]divided by i*{exp(ix)+exp(-ix)}

Now exp(ix) has 2 arguments i and x

So I do not understand why you talk of ARG(x+iy)