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Equation Of the Week #1 Making a Splash

Posted by DarthWho on April 10, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Well the first equation of the week these will come out every Sunday that I have time to actually put these in place (there may be some gaps and I apologize ahead of time for that.)

P = ( ρ g^2 T H^2 L ) / ( 32 π )

P power in the wave measured in Watts

ρ the desity of the liquid medium (1025kg/m3 for seawater and 1000kg/m3)

g gravitational acceleration (9.8m/s2 on earth)

T wave period (time between sucessive waves in seconds)

H wave height (distance from peak to trough in meters)

L length of wavefront in meters (wavefront is perpendicular to direction of travel

π If you do not know what this is it makes me sad :(


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Reply john
2:37 AM on September 29, 2011 
Seems a bit complicated to me!

I seem to remember the energy of a sound wave (watts/squ cm) is sound pressure rms times sound speed

The energy of an electromagnetic wave is Poynting's vector E cross H
and the pressure of a laser on a terget is quite enough to move it per Gigawatt
(once again, work done rate is force time speed)