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Welcome to the Official Digital Knife Monkey Productions Website

Or DKM Productions for short.  Digital Knife Monkey Productions is an organization of programmers who submit programs to the group so that each program may be improved in areas where each programmer is weak, thereby improving the quality of the programs of each member.

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Warning: Any spam will be deleted a soon as it is found and repeat offenders will have their memberships revoked. 

 Joining does not mean that you will get your name in the credits of every thing your name will only appear in works that you have contributed to.

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The primary programming language of this site is QB64 a variant of Quickbasic designed for modern 32 and 64 bit machines it combines the best of both worlds it is very easy to access and has several modern feature. If you wish to start on the path to programming but do not want to be stuck with the primitive capabilities smallbasic then go to the QB64 website to download it free.

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